Monday, March 4, 2024
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Cicada 2007  
Cicada 2007 started to arrive in early April with Nymph making their way up from under the ground holes they have been living for past 17 years. This bug is called Cicada. It is matured into flying insect with red eyes and usually sits high above ground on the tree branches. Scientists call this brood 13, and it happens to be the lucky number for residents of Illinois. It is reported that people cancel their wedding plans and parties because its hard to hear music. It's understandable if you consider that 1.5 million cicadas can be found per acre.

Last year was a big year for Cicada as it made its way up in all of Northeast region. This time Cicada is making most of it noise in the following cities across USA besides Illinois.

Towson, MD, USA

Cincinnati, OH, USA

Lanham, MD, USA

Mc Lean, VA, USA

Rockville, MD, USA

Arlington, VA, USA

Baltimore, MD, USA

Reston, VA, USA

Washington, DC, USA

Bloomington, IN, USA

This loud and very characteristic whirring will go on for about 6 weeks which is usual than normal which lasts only for about two weeks. Researchers attribute it to better than usual climate in the region for Cicadas.

We should expect lots of corpses of Cicada in the middle of July when time comes for them to die in droves.

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